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How it works

If you are already a SKRILL VIP, 'Take Part Now'.

If you are not a Skrill VIP, you can still take part by transacting at least €2,000 during the promotion to become one.

Earn 4x loyalty points on your transactions and redeem for cash or rewards.




1. All send money transactions to Skrill Merchant Accounts from the day you have opted in to this Promotion in any event not earlier than 00:00h GMT January 14th 2013 and prior to 23:59h GMT February 10th 2013 (the “Eligibility Period”) shall be considered eligible transactions for the purposes of this Promotion (the "Eligible Transactions").


2. Participants earn loyalty points on all Eligible Transactions. For every €1 of each Eligible Transaction made during the Eligibility Period 4 loyalty points will be added to the Participant’s loyalty points balance.


3. The Loyalty Points earned during the Promotion will be credited to your Skrill Account every day, excluding weekends and national holidays. Points earned on weekends and national holidays shall be credited to your Skrill Account on the first business day. In addition you will receive weekly e-mail updates to the e-mail address registered with your Skrill Account with your Loyalty Points balance.


4. Transactions to Excluded Merchants as defined in Appendix 1 herein, person-to-person payments, uploads or withdrawals shall not be considered Eligible Transactions.


5. Skrill shall credit 1 Loyalty Point for each €1 transacted to Betfair.com, Betclic Limited, Expect Gaming, Everest Gaming, Redbet Ltd and Ladbrokes during the Eligibility Period.


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