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Sharpbets - Introduction

Sharpbets are precisely selected valuebets. Placing these bets ensures you optimal expected profitability and maximum safety. This is achieved thanks to unique bets selecting mechanism and accurate, optimal staking. Mechanisms of selecting sharpbets and staking are strictly confidential, however proved optimal and profitable.

sharpbets timeline

Sharpbets - Sample and analyze



While this is a football game starting 2012-03-17 at 14.00 in Slovakia II Liga it is very profitable (). Expected long-run profit out of this game is more than 10.0% (you can see exact one when moving yours mouse cursor on dollars image). It actually was 23.06%. You need to place a bet on FK LAFC Lucenec to win against FC Rimavska Sobota (M2, so FK LAFC Lucenec (2nd team) to win) at 4.20 odds in Doxxbet.com. You should stake 3.60% of your entire budget on this game (with the payment plan selected). Probability that FK LAFC Lucenec will actually win the game is more than 20.0% and less than 40.0%. You can check exact probability by moving yours mouse cursor on the dots image. Exact probability is actually 29.30%.

So to make a long story short - you play in Doxxbet.com LAFC Lucenec to win the game for 3.60% of your entire budget, that our tool will calculate based on your pre-defined budgets value. This is very profitable pick and you have fair chance like 30.0% that you will win the bet at 4.20 odds.

It might happen that you will lose this game, and you may lose another one, but once you play 50 or 100 sharpbets you should be well, well ahead!


Good luck!


Sharpbets - Short Tests

Bwin #01 [ 180 picks ]

Real Money Test
First bet 2012-03-21, 10:33
Last bet 2012-03-29, 09:09
Duration 9 days
Number of picks 180
Picks / day 20
Total stake 3 929.00 j
Budget - start 1 547.00 j
Budget - end 2 278.55 j
Profit 731.55 j
Profit [%] 47.29%
Yield [%] 18.62%
Staking plan Balanced [max stake = 30]
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