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Only for signing up, DOBET.com will charge you account with 10USD. Don´t wait, Register now!

Steps to win the bonus:

  • Step 1: Sign up at dobet.com. Don't forget to confirm your e-mail address!
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  • None.

"Signup Bonus10" conditions:

  1. This bonus is exclusive for new users registered at DOBET.com
  2. You will 10 get USD/GBP/EUR in your account balance.
  3. You can bet this amount on all events and all kind of bets.
  4. You will be able to raise your account balance to a maximum amount of 50 USD/GBP/EUR
  5. Once you have reached the limit you will be required to make a deposit in order to be entitled to win the bonus. You can make your first deposit before you reach the maximum amount and you will be able to win the bonus as well.
  6. The given bonus will be equal to the amount of the first deposit you make. The difference between the amount of the first deposit and the account balance (at the moment of the first deposit) will be lost. Further deposits won´t be valid for this promotion, and therefore they will make you loose the right to win this bonus. The first deposit must be made in the next 90 days after sign up.
  7. Once you make the first deposit you are entitled to win the bonus. You just have to bet 5 times (at least 5 bets) with the amount of the first deposit at odds over 1.5. As soon as you do it, we will add the bonus to your account.
  8. The procedure to request a withdrawal of the bonus is the usual one. You will have to request a common withdrawal, and thus, there isn´t any special condition.
  9. This bonus is not combinable with other welcome promotion. You must refuse this welcome bonus before placing any bet, to be entitled to get other bonus promotions. Please contact us before placing any bet, otherwise your account will keep this welcome promotion.
  10. At any time, without notice, Dobet could cancel bonus activation for new users.

Users that have received this bonus will have an account type "Account with bonus" This account has a few limitations in the amount that can be bet on an event. Remember that you can make a deposit whenever you want and this limitation will be removed.